App-based supervision for Behaviour Practitioners

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to DE.Me, an app-based supervision platform for Behavior Practitioners. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, protect, and handle your personal information in compliance with our commitment to privacy and data protection laws in Australia.

2. Data Collection

We collect personal information such as your name, email, and phone number. Additionally, if you choose to add participant information, we also collect and store this data. All information is transmitted over a secure connection and stored in an encrypted database to ensure your privacy and security.

3. Purpose of Data Use

The collected data is used to manage your membership and provide customized services tailored to your needs. This information helps us in delivering the best possible experience on our platform.

4. Data Sharing and Disclosure

Your data is only shared with subprocesses for specific purposes, such as data analytics and customer service platforms. This sharing is essential for the functioning of the app and for providing you with efficient customer service. We ensure these subprocesses adhere to our privacy standards and data protection laws.

5. Data Security

We employ industry-standard security measures and best practices to protect your data. Our commitment to security involves continuous monitoring and updating our practices to safeguard your information.

6. User Rights and Control

You have the right to request a copy of your data and can also request its deletion. To exercise these rights, please contact us through the provided channels.

7. Legal Compliance

DE.Me comply with the privacy laws and regulations of Australia. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of data protection and privacy.

8. Policy Updates

Any changes to our privacy policy will be communicated to you via email. We encourage you to review these updates to stay informed about how we protect your personal information.

9. Contact Information

For any privacy-related inquiries or concerns, please contact Emily at We are committed to addressing your concerns and ensuring your privacy is respected.